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How to watch Half-SBS movie in red/cyan 3D movie ?

I noticed that on torrents there are more and more 3D movies available. I think that soon this will be the new standard.

But as many people may know , the majority of TV on the market are working with anaglyph format. This Anaglyph format is in fact the well known red/cyan standard. Many cinema theaters use this standard and many are familiar with the sully red/cyan cardboard glasses.

But what to do when the movie you have ( ex from torrents ) is in side by side format ?

First of all what is side-by-side format ? Well it can be recognized by the fact that when you open it in VLC or other player you see 2 images instead of one.

This is an example :

This format has many variants like Full side-by-side, half side-by-side, it is often visible in the file name like FSBS or HSBS or Half-SBS. Or simply SBS or “side-by-side”.

To watch this kind of format on a classical 2D screen ( PC screen, or TV or projector) is a drama since the people have pointed heads and the image is 2x times.

I noticed that some people recommend to use player option to separate the images and then to re-size the screen to 16:9 format.

This is a bad idea since is hard to setup and you loose part from image.

A better solution is to use a 3D player ! Yes there are 3D players for ordinary 3D/2D screens  (pc monitor or TV or projector)!

A 3D movie player I tested recently is Bino. It play any 3D video format and it has a lot of options to find the optimal 3D experience for your screen but also for your eyes.

So basically if you have a red/cyan glass you can see a 3D movie directly on your PC screen or even on classical TV.

Bino is available for Linux, Mac, Windows and many more !

Something important ! Please use the 3D hardware acceleration to see this kind of 3D movie since even a i3-i5 Intel CPU may have problems…


One response to “How to watch Half-SBS movie in red/cyan 3D movie ?

  1. Tommy Smith February 3, 2014 at 3:31 AM

    Thank you! This was very useful.

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