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All-in-one printers sucks !

The All-in-One printer/scanner/copy use a stupid and dumb idea. Put all this machines in a case and sell it to people. But to cut costs the manufacturer use a single microcontroller to manage all 3 functions. So even if the price is very low ( sometime what you pay is just the cartridges and the brand logo) the device must/can not be used as a separated scanner. The main reason is that if you do not have cartridge installed or they are empty almost for sure you cannot scan. It is a stupid thing since the scanning process do not require the cartridge at all. But the big companies (Canon, HP, Epson,…) force you ( and us all) to buy expensive cartridges just to be able to use the scanner.

I got (for free) a Canon Pixma MP250 and I tried to make the scanner to work without the cartridges installed. No success till now. I will not buy cartridges since they cost as much as a new printer.

I do not know what hacks to apply to just use the scanner. I need the scanner only 1-2 times per month and I think to buy a simple scanner is too much ( and too expensive).

So one more time it is confirmed the phrase : what is cheap , it is cheap for a reason !

So if anyone knows a method to make the scanner work without cartridges installed, then please let me know.



Add right-click Samba share in Thunar/XFCE file manager

Since I use XFCE4 I was searching a easy way to temporarily share a folder to another PC over the network.

Gnome have a nice and easy way of doing this with a right-click on a selected folder.

But for XFCE there is no such option available. But to fix this you have to create a “custom action”.

Note 1: Samba must be installed for this method to work !

Note 2: I tested this solution on Mint 13/XFCE 64bit. It should work also on Ubuntu 12.04 and higher or similar Linux distros.

Step 1:

In Thunar go to Edit–>Configure custom actions…


Then add a new custom action:


The command is :

net usershare add %n %f “” Everyone:R guest_ok=y

Notice: copy the above command as it is. The shared folder will have the same icon (not like in Gnome with the special “share” folder icon).

Go on “Appearance conditions” tab and there click only on Directory and remove all the others. The main idea is to see this “share” option only if you selected a folder.


Step 2:

Create another custom action for removing the folder from Samba share. The steps are similar but the command is :

net usershare delete %n


On the “appearance condition” tab select Directory only.

So at the end you should have two custom actions like in the below example:


Step 3: test the new created menu.

Select a folder and right-click and select the share menu you just created. In few seconds you should see that folder on your Samba share. Like this:


If you are not sure how to access your Samba shares then you have to type “smb://computername/folder/” like in the above image (in to the address bar). If for some reasons it is not working you can try with the IP address of that PC like : smb://

The samba shares can be accessed from any Windows/Linux/Mac computer from any file manager like : Explorer, Dolphin, Nautilus, Thunar, Midnight Commander, total Commander, any web browser…etc

To unshare (not share publicly the folder) you have to make right-click on the same folder but choose the second menu with “unshare”. In few seconds the shared folder will not be publicly available.

Tricks :

  • If you need to write from another computer on to the shared folder then you have to give permision to write (chmod) on that shared folder. You can do this directly inside the custom action command like this :

net usershare add %n %f “” Everyone:F guest_ok=y && chmod 777 %f

It is preferable to use for this a empty folder since it may be dangerous to give 777 permission to everyone.

  • The commands described above can also be run in terminal but you have to replace the %n, %f with the correct values. See above pictures for details.

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