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All-in-one printers sucks !

The All-in-One printer/scanner/copy use a stupid and dumb idea. Put all this machines in a case and sell it to people. But to cut costs the manufacturer use a single microcontroller to manage all 3 functions. So even if the price is very low ( sometime what you pay is just the cartridges and the brand logo) the device must/can not be used as a separated scanner. The main reason is that if you do not have cartridge installed or they are empty almost for sure you cannot scan. It is a stupid thing since the scanning process do not require the cartridge at all. But the big companies (Canon, HP, Epson,…) force you ( and us all) to buy expensive cartridges just to be able to use the scanner.

I got (for free) a Canon Pixma MP250 and I tried to make the scanner to work without the cartridges installed. No success till now. I will not buy cartridges since they cost as much as a new printer.

I do not know what hacks to apply to just use the scanner. I need the scanner only 1-2 times per month and I think to buy a simple scanner is too much ( and too expensive).

So one more time it is confirmed the phrase : what is cheap , it is cheap for a reason !

So if anyone knows a method to make the scanner work without cartridges installed, then please let me know.



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