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Automatic numbering of the equations in LibreOffice

Sometime I have to write a article that contain various formulas. Previously I was using Microsoft Word, but now I do not wave aces to it. To use Latex/Tex or one of the derivatives was too complex for me. So I started looking at Libre Office.  Everything was fine except a annoying issue with a numbering of the formulas.

What I wanted is a number on the right side of each formula. More than that, I want that when I refer to a certain formula in the text, to correspond with the correct formula. Even if I update the article later and add or remove some formulas.

Let me show what is the format that I wanted:


So as you can see now my article looks professional , like in any book.

But how to do that in Libre Office ?

Actually is easier that I expected.

So you type some text and then you want to add a formula

Type “fn” (of course without “” !! ) and then press F3. A formula will appear and a number on the right side.

Then you can double-click that formula and edit it with your values.

Now if you want to make a reference in the text to a certain formula, then you have to :

1: from menu Insert –> Cross Reference

2: Select from the pop-up window :

  • Type–> text
  • Insert reference to –> Reference
  • Selection –> choose the formula number that you want , in my case number 2.
  • Click Insert and then Close


At the end you will obtain something like this :

libreoffice2As you can see the references are highlighted with gray color to avoid confusion with ordinary text.

Now if you want to insert a new formula between 1 and 2, then the new formula will become (2) and the old (2) will become (3). Of course the reference from the text will be automatically undated.

Thats it. Nice end simple.

More detailed explanation here:


One response to “Automatic numbering of the equations in LibreOffice

  1. SciWri September 18, 2017 at 9:34 AM

    Many thanks for this! I’ve spent months using all sorts of ham-fisted ways to labelequations. I had no idea it was so simple!

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